BUS/681 BUS681 BUS 681 Week 6 Final Research Project-LATEST

Focus of the Final Paper

With instructor approval, students will select an organization that either has or is experiencing challenges with its compensation and benefit system. The student will provided a brief historical view of the organization, an assessment of their current challenge, a review of other organizations who had a similar situation and the strategy they devised to address the issue, theories and strategies that should be contemplated to address the situation and, finally, a recommendation to management on how to address/resolve the situation. Importantly, the student should ensure any recommendations are based on solid research and analysis and reflect a comprehensive solution to the problem.

The research paper should integrate items discussed in class, textbook material, and additional information gathered from secondary or primary sources. A minimum of eight credible sources (other than the course textbook) should be used to develop your final project paper. Research topics must be reviewed in advance with the instructor.

BUS/681 BUS681 BUS 681 Week 6 Final Research Project-LATEST

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