Ashford OMM 618 OMM618 week 3 Assignment Staffing


Discuss the following scenario and associated questions. You’re the supervisor of employees’ whose task is to assemble tuning devices that go into cell phones. You find that the quality is not what it should be and that many of your group’s tuning devices have to be brought back and reworked; your own boss says that “You’d better do a better job of training your workers.”
a. What are some of the staffing factors that could be contributing to this problem?
b. Explain how you would go about assessing whether it is in fact a training problem.
Find at least two articles through ProQuest that discusses the role of training of employees as it relates to this issue. Summarize your findings in a 3-5 page paper. Be sure to properly cite your resources using APA style.
2. Reminder. Begin work on your Research Project which is due in Week 6.

Ashford OMM 618 OMM618 week 3 Assignment Staffing

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